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Soaring medical costs

Soaring medical costs

Most people think that doctors are the main cause of escalating medical costs. In, fact, most outpatient procedures done in private physician’s offices have decreased almost 75% over the past 5-7 years, whereas hospital costs have more than doubled.

Did you know that if you see a physician whose practice is owned by a hospital or go to a hospital owned radiology facility, that it is legal to charge FACILITY FEES? These are charges (which are not covered by insurance)tacked on to your bill which has nothing to do with your visit. For example, if you get a CT scan at one of the local hospital radiology offices (you don’t have to be on their campus) the price is easily double what it would be at an independent radiology office!

The same ECHOCARDIOGRAM that is done in our office costs between $150-$200 but costs at least double or triple if done at a hospital.  Even a Tylenol will cost you $10!

I thought that the charges for my son’s appendectomy 11 years ago was a mistake when the bill came to $15,000! I ordered a line item copy and found so many fraudulent mistakes, that it was obvious that the hospital was cheating. I called our insurance company and THEY COULD CARE LESS.

But if you thought that was bad, there is a recent case where a 20 year old man (my son’s age at the time of his surgery) received a bill from a California hospital for $55,0000!

Please note that this does not cover the surgeon’s ($300-$400) or the anesthesiologist’s ($800) fees!

Anytime you have a chance to have any diagnostic testing or surgery, look at surgicenters or other private office outpatient options