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Finding the right fit for your bike

Finding the right fit for your bike

Finding the Right Fit for Your Bike


1. Bike fitting is an ongoing process not just for when you purchase a new bike. Your body is
always changing due to fitness level, weight and strength. You should have your bike fitted at
least once a year.

2. Fitting can take 2-3 hours and should include:
a. An interview of your medical history
b. Flexibility testing
c. Analysis of your biomechanics

3. Get fit prior to a big event to improve efficiency

4. You want your shoes to be snug but you should not have pain, tingling or numbness in your feet; this may be a result of improper cleat or saddle placement


Local bike shops that offer fittings:

Village Bikes: Villagebikes.com

Lakewood Ranch: 8111 Lakewood Main Street; Lakewood Ranch FL, 34202 (941) 388-0550

Sarasota: 3898 South Osprey Ave; Sarasota, FL, 34239 (941) 366-7702

Sarasota Cycle: Sarasotacycle.com 3800 S. Osprey Ave; Sarasota, FL 34239 (941)366-4144


Jill Rose, DPT

Neuromuscular Therapy Center

Kaizen Total Wellness

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(C) 941-780-4144


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