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Maintenance days help prevent running injuries

Maintenance days help prevent running injuries

Even if your training for a big race rest or maintenance days once a week are important to prevent injury, reduce lactic acid build up in our muscles and keep us track without burning out.  Below are a couple ideas for your rest day.


  • Have a clean diet on this day (no processed or sugary food)
  • Easy core and glut strengthening but nothing too strenuous
  • 15-20 minutes using foam roll on gluts, piriformis, IT band and low back muscles
  • Ice bath on both legs
  • An additional hour of sleep or an afternoon nap
  • No other physical activity such as house or lawn work
  • Limit alcohol drinks to 1-2
  • Wear compression stockings throughout day to promote blood flow


*For your best recovery at least: easy core and glut work, foam roll and ice bath on these days


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