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Shoulder pain problems? We can help!

Shoulder pain problems? We can help!

ShoulderThe rotator cuff is a term that many people have heard of, but don’t know all that it entails.  The rotator cuff is made up of four muscles in shoulder that attach the upper arm bone(humerus) to the shoulder blade.  They are responsible for maintaining the stability of the shoulder.  A rotator cuff injury is common, and can be from repetitive over use, or trauma.  Non-traumatic injuries increase in likelihood with age.  Up to 80% of people over 60 years old demonstrate rotator cuff tears.

The tears occur at the tendonous portion of a muscle, where it changes in structure and attaches the muscle to the bone.  There are two categories of tears:  partial and full, and are differentiated by the length or severity of the tear.
Some symptoms of a rotator cuff injury are pain to the top or outside of the shoulder, weakness, and loss of motion.  Specifically, it can be difficult to reach up high or behind your back.
A physical therapist can help diagnose or differentiate this problem from others.  Rotator cuff injuries can be treated or managed with physical therapy.  Physical therapy treatment of a partial tear can often result in restoration of motion and strength.   It is not mandatory to have surgery on a torn tendon, especially if it is a partial tear that is chronic in nature.  If you do have surgery, physical therapy is imperative afterward to gain proper motion, strength, and function after surgery. Call us today for a consultation at Kaizen Total Wellness, (941) 315-6182.

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