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Anti-aging: Miracle or myth?

Anti-aging: Miracle or myth?

Many antiaging physicians and patients believe that taking GROWTH HORMONE INJECTIONS can reverse the aging process. According to scientific data, this could not be further from the truth. The FDA has approved the use of growth hormone for only 3 indications: adults and children who are truly deficient in it, patients with AIDS and those who have “short bowel syndrome”. The only physicians who should be prescribing growth hormones are endocrinologists.

According to most experts, not only does taking growth hormones NOT produce antiaging benefits,  but are also potentially dangerous to take (diabetes, joint pains, high blood pressure and heart disease).

There are no quick fixes to reduce aging, but healthy diet and exercise still seems like the most effective way to “stay young”. (Also beware of supplements and herbals, which are also, for the most part, worthless.)

The physicians who prescribe this should be ashamed of themselves and the patients should avoid these (expensive) scams.