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Prevention of Low Back Pain Recurrences through Post Treatment Exercise

Lower backLow back pain (LBP) is one of the most common presentations in physical therapy. The prognosis of LBP is usually positive. However, the recurrence of LBP is 56% within the next year.

These recurrences could possibly be more costly than the first occurrence, and can be as debilitating as the initial episode. Clear evidence suggests that the effectiveness of exercise therapies can reduce nonspecific LBP.

Exercise programs were separated into two kinds of interventions.

  • Treatment interventions

–          General exercises

–          Promotion of physical activity

–          Multifidus muscle exercises

–          McKenzie exercises

  • Post treatment / Home exercise program

–          Stretching and strengthening exercises with back, abdomen, and lower limbs

–          Relaxation exercises

–          Education 

Studies on these two treatments showed a significant decrease in recurrence when post treatment intervention is used. 33% in the post intervention group had recurrent LBP versus 67% recurrence with no post intervention.

Jason Samson

Physical Therapist Assistant Student – State College of Florida