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Fall prevention in the elderly

Fall prevention in the elderly

Fall prevention injuries have been shown to reduced injuries in the elderly. What is interesting, about this article from the British Medical Journal, is that they considered anyone older than 60 to be at risk. They looked at studies involving over 4000 patients and found a very high rate of fall related injuries.

What they also found was that exercise programs designed to prevent falls were very effective, and in many cases eliminated the need to seek medical help.

We have had an aggressive anti-fall program in place at Kaizen Total Wellness for over 4 years. Our physician and physical therapy directed programs utilize the latest technologies in building bone and muscle strength (see our recent blog on the safety and effectiveness of our bioDENSITY program recently printed in Osteoporosis International). Not only do we have computerized testing to evaluate balance problems, our balance program, under the direct supervision of Dr. Jill Rose is one of the few certified programs in Southwest Florida.

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