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Pure Barre – is it right for you?

Pure Barre – is it right for you?

pure-barre1Pure Barre is one of the latest new types of exercise classes that you find popping up around town.   It is a low impact class geared toward women that focuses on hips, thighs, abdominals and arms.   It focuses on small almost isometric movements and a lot of them.  This type of exercise is great for someone who may have joint problems that are typically irritated with jarring and jumping activities.   If you are looking for an energetic high impact class that will really get your heart going this is not the class for you.  But as a physical therapist, I do recommend many of patients that have prior injuries, arthritis or joint problems to try this.  There are a couple locations in the Sarasota area.  See for a location near you.  Do not start any new exercise program without consulting with your physician or physical therapist. 

Jill Rose, DPT

Kaizen Total Wellness