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The operating room of the future

The operating room of the future

This futuristic surgery is being done right now.
Picture cancer surgery, hysterectomy, Parkinson’s, tumors – treated non-invasively!

InSightec, a company which is headquartered in Tirat Carmel near Haifa, Israel and draws 80 percent of its staff from Technion graduates, has developed a surgical system to treat tumors inside the body that perhaps can cure many different illnesses electronically without having to cut open the human body. This Israeli innovation has the potential to transform how medicine will be practiced internationally, enabling many patients to recover from various illnesses much quicker than they presently are able to do utilizing traditional surgery. Indeed, it can perhaps replace the hospitalizations that follow surgery with out-patient care.

Click on this link to see this technology – including the amazing transformation of a Parkinson’s patient.