Biodensity FAQs

Biodensity FAQ

What does the bioDensity report tell me?

The bioDensity report is a visual representation of the average maximal loads reached during each bioDensity session. In each of the graphs (Chest Press, Leg Press, Core Pull and Vertical Lift) you will see your baseline reading and the last ten sessions recorded. It will also document your overall increase in strength from your first session to the last and provides feedback on your improvement after each session. Your bioDensity certified trainer will be happy to not only print or e-mail a summary of each session to you (or your physician) but will also be happy to explain the results to.

Will my muscles feel “sore” after a bioDensity session?

Unlike traditional weight training you will not experience the type of muscle soreness that usually accompanies those types of training. Because the movements only require (5) seconds of maximal work your body will not produce the by-products that cause muscle soreness.

What will I feel before and after a bioDensity sessison?

When completing the four movements in bioDensity you will be required to produce maximal force for five seconds each. The force that you produce would be equivalent to pushing an object of significant weight and size in four different directions: (1) forward using your hands; (2) forward using your feet; (3) upward using your knees and (4) upward using your arms and legs together. After completing a bioDensity session you will feel like you’ve completed physical work. You will feel warm (from increased blood circulation and work completed by the muscles) and you will notice an improvement in your posture (from the decompression of the spine and joints from the impact loading). Within 24 hours you feel muscular fatigue but not soreness.

How long does it take to complete a bioDensity session?

Your first bioDensity session will take approximately 15 minutes to complete. The session can be completed in street clothes (flat soles shoes are recommended). All other sessions are shorter in duration.

IS USING bioDensity SAFE?

Yes. The bioDensity device was designed to be safe, effective and an efficient way to increase bone density, muscle tissue density and connective tissue density. During a bioDensity session each participant is positioned in the strongest biomechanical position to produce force in four different directions. This ensures that the body can safely withstand the load that is being provided in the activity. Also, the machine is self-loaded so each person dictates the force that is applied (i.e. you are withstanding the load that you, yourself produce).

What is bioDensity?

bioDensity is a safe and controlled approach to the benefits of high impact activity. Impact is the stimulation that enables bone mass density as well as muscular density to develop in childhood. In adulthood these benefits can be seen in high impact activity such as gymnastics with above normal bone mass density and incredible power-to-weight ratio, but injury risk makes this activity impractical for most adults. Regular use of the bioDensity essentially improves the structure of the body, the building blocks of movement and function for increased quality of life. At KAIZEN TOTAL WELLNESS, all sessions are private and supervised by a bioDensity certified fitness trainer.